Monday, July 18, 2011

Newport Beach

We took the "little girls" down to Newport Beach for a little vacation. 
 We had a wonderful time with Ashley and Brooke.
 Lots of beach time, lots of yummy food and maybe a little too much sun... 
but hey, a little sunburn always makes me feel like I'm a teenager again, 
who forgot to put on enough sunscreen.  So right after I finish this post,
 I will be applying the aloe vera but yeah, it was definitely worth it!
First stop, lunch at Ruby's right above the beach at Crystal Cove.
Ashley and Brooke are liking the view of the beach from the outside patio!
Dad is looking good in his new shirt that he got for Father's Day!
Ashley and Brooke ordered a chili hot dog and fries.  Yum!
While Dad and Brooke are running on the beach, 
Ashley and I are doing out own "work out" at the Huntington Beach Farmer's Market, 
shopping and eating mini donuts... what?!!
Ashley and I think the donuts are pretty great!
The next morning, we rented bike's on the beach while Brooke went running.
Check out the volume in Brooke's hair as she is running on the beach.
Ash is liking the tandem bike thing and gives it two thumbs up.
Ashley shows how much she loves riding a tandem bike 
and don't forget... how much she loves America!
Ash, still loving the tandem, America and riding alongside her Bear.
We turned around at Huntington Beach and stopped for a moment to take a picture.
And then The Bear was off running again...
and Ash continued showing her enthusiasm and excitement
 for a bicycle built for two.
But then, Dad decided to run with Brooke, and Ash was left to go solo 
on the bicycle built for two and she was a little bit lonely.
Dad and his bear run the last mile together side by side.
Brooke finished her run and is taking a rest on the six seater bicycle.
Posing with Mom and her cruiser bike.
After our lovely workout on the beach, we have worked up a nice appetite 
and head for a little mexican restaurant by the beach.
My nachos.  Yum!
Now that we have finished our workout and enjoyed a nice lunch,
it's time to hit the beach.
Dad and his cute girls.
Striking a pose on the beach.
The little girls.
Striking another pose minus Dad and I had to take another picture.
Then a nice man came and offered to take a picture of all of us together.
Dad enjoying the waves.
And everyone thinks Ash is the drama queen in the family!
The Crandall family was vacationing down in Carlsbad,
 so one night we drove down and joined the family for dinner and s'mores on the beach.
The cute sister-in-laws, Jenna and Kimber.
Ashley and Brett chatting it up.
Dennis, Laura, Kurt, Mark, Brett and Ashley enjoying the view of the beach from their deck.
Dad and Brooke, back from their night walk on the beach.
Posing for a picture with Brett and Kimber before we head back to Newport Beach.
We hung out at the pool the next day and just relaxed, listened to music and read our books and magazines. 
Brooke is working on getting rid of her funny tan lines from all of her workout clothes.
We had dinner at a local favorite, Sabatino's that night.
Dad ordered the famous Sizzling Sausage.
Dad thought the homemade sausage was amazing and would highly recommend it!
Brooke loved her dish of ravioli!
The Sabatino Family is so nice and baked me a cake for my birthday!
It was absolutely delicious!
Mom, Dad and the little girls celebrating my birthday with the Sabatino family!
Me and my cake!
We love birthday celebrations...
almost as much as Ashley loves America and vacationing with Mom and Dad at Newport Beach!

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