Sunday, July 17, 2011

Oh, deer!

Oh, deer dear!! I am so far behind right now with blogging... so much to blog about and so little time!
I'm still downloading Kimber's pictures from Allie and Justin's wedding dinner and wedding.
  There's lots more birthday celebration posts to write.  I'm working on the Newport Beach post.
And now I have Steph and Kevan's wedding to add to the list of "things to blog about."
But for now here is a picture of the six point deer that Ashley and I spotted
when we were driving my sister, Mary Ann's little girls home
 after a fun trip to the BYU Creamery with Megan and Molly on Friday.
Right at the top of the hill near their house in Provo,
is where we came across this deer, just walking down the middle of the road.
We had to chuckle because Dad went with Grandpa up the canyon,
 with his spotting scope in tow to "look for wildlife!"
He loves his spotting scope and takes the whole "looking for wildlife" thing pretty serious.
So when we stumbled upon this deer while we were hanging out in Provo, 
we had to call Dad immediately to inform him of our "sighting."
We actually felt a little bit guilty that spotting the deer was so easy for Ash and I that day.
But at the same time it made us giggle just a bit too.
We told Dad that spotting scopes may be just a bit overrated and completely unnecessary
 when it comes to "looking for wildlife" for Ash and I. JK!
We love our Dad and we love that he loves his spotting scope so much!
It really is cute how much he loves his scope and I love catching him morning, noon and night, 
looking through the scope outside on the balcony, hoping to catch a glimpse of a deer, 
mountain goat or best of all, a moose.  He loves the moose at Canyons! 
 So while I'm busy catching up on my blog, he will be on the lookout for the moose!
In the meantime, here are just a few pictures that I snapped of the "best spotter" I know!
He looks for wildlife day...
and night.
Holidays are also a good time to look for deer, mountain goats or a moose 
and that is where you'll find Mark peering through his scope on the 4th of July.
And right off the ski slopes is a good time too.
Apparently it was decided that it is an appropriate Sunday activity.
Sometimes he travels with his spotting scope...
looking for an animal afar.
He shares his scope with others that share his passion and love for the outdoors.
And back at home in Park City the scope rests on the back balcony
with it's faithful owner ever so patiently waiting trying to catch a glimpse of an animal in the wild.

*Fortunately for Dad, I can't locate the picture of him in his PJ's looking through his scope. I'll have to add that photo to this post once I find it, 
but until then you will just have to imagine how silly one would look like in PJ's hanging out on the balcony gazing through a spotting scope:)!!

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Brooke Holt said...

Hahhaa. Dad is so focused he never notices when you take a pic of him! Glad I was including as in the category of passionate deer spotter.