Friday, July 22, 2011

Steph and Kevan's Wedding

It was a gorgeous sunny day! The ceremony was tender and sweet! 
The couple was beaming all day long! Steph's dress was amazing!  
And the venue for the wedding reception was spectacular! 
Stephanie looked so happy!
 It was such a beautiful day and everything was perfect!
We were so happy that we could share this special day with Stephanie and Kevan!
Stephanie and Kevan, standing in front of the temple.
Brooke and Steph.  
Best cousins, best friends and soon-to-be teammates on the BYU XC team!
This is what it looks like to have 17 bridesmaids!
And yes, it is difficult to get all 17 bridesmaids to look right at the camera at the same time:)!
The cute Holt cousins bridesmaids!
Brooke and Ashley thought it was funny that they matched Justin more than Allie did, 
so they had to get a picture with him.
Cute bridesmaids!
Brooke, the designer of this pom pom creation!
Love this photo with Steph and her 17 beautiful bridesmaids!
The sign in book.
The gift table.
Brooke was in charge of creating the candy bar station or "Sweet Shoppe."
The darling flower girls loved the "sweet shoppe!"
They served ice cream from the BYU Creamery. 
Check out the beautiful backdrop to the ice cream station.
Can you believe that this is someone's backyard?!!
It was unbelievably gorgeous!
The newlyweds are enjoying the wedding reception.
Proof that Brooke did indeed sit down for a moment that night.
She also caught the bouquet.  Hmmm!  I think I'm in trouble. 
 Ashley caught the bouquet at Allie's wedding 
and Brooke caught the bouquet at Steph's.
I told both of them, "Don't even think about it!!  I need a break from all these weddings!"
Mom and Ashley enjoying the chocolate covered strawberries.
Allie, Justin and Brooke are decorating the "get away truck" with pom poms, ribbons and cans.  Cute!
Congratulations, Steph and Kevan!  We love you!

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