Thursday, July 14, 2011

It was a 7/11 Slurpee Celebration!!

Since my birthday is 7/11 and it was a pretty important birthday this year!
Not only was it the big 5-0 for me and Free Slurpee Day at all the 7/11 convenience stores, 
but the date was 7/11/11! Pretty cool!
 To make this birthday extra special, Ashley and I decided that we had to do something extraordinary 
and make a "once in a lifetime memory."  So we came up with this genius plan.
 We decided that we would not only go get 1 free Slurpee at 7/11 that day,
 but that we would go to 7 different 7/11 stores and get 7 Free Slurpees
 and of course, take lots of pictures to document this adventure.
 I know that to some folks this might seem like an impossible task to accomplish.
 But Ash and I were ready and quite frankly, super pumped to meet the challenge.
 The journey proved to be more adventurous and exciting than we had anticipated, 
full of surprises and lots of laughter and giggles!
(And perhaps an awkward and uncomfy hug given to Ashley by some strange man,
 who apparently was super excited when they announced that it was my birthday at one of the 7/11 stores.)  
It was awesome!
 So glad that Ashley took lots of pictures to record every moment 
(except for the hug!) of our Free Slurpee Day Tour.
Ashley made us matching 7-11 T-shirts!  What a nice surprise!
Quite the fashion statement and they proved to be a hit with all the other "Free Slurpee" customers.
I think she could market these next year and make a few extra bucks, don't you?!
A 50 year old lady on a mission!  She doesn't mess around when it comes to Free Slurpees day at 7/11!
A Birthday Bash inside!
Holding up my 1st Free Slurpee, Pina Colada... 
which ended up being my favorite flavor of the day.
I'm not sure if it was because I really liked the flavor 
or it was just the first Slurpee that I drank 
before my taste buds got completely overtaken
 by the syrup taste of 7 Slurpees!
The beginning stash of Slurpees in the cupholders of my Sequoia.
Pretty jazzed about the 1st Free Slurpee!
It was bedlam in the 7/11 parking lot.
We were very excited about our 2nd Free Slurpees 
and even more excited about Ashley's fanny back because it matched our shirts.
We loved the sign "Free Slurpee Ovre" and decided that spelling is overrated
 and completely unneccessary when it comes to "Free Slurpee" day.
Since the "Free Slurpees were ovre" at this 7/11, we broke down and bought Slurpees at this location.
I know, we should have just moved on to the next Free Slurpee 7/11 but we were running out of time
 and so we had to bend the rules just ever so slightly to accomplish our goals. 
 NBD.  I'm sure I spent more in gas than I did on the slurpees!
Still pretty pumped about our Free Slurpees at this point.
Our Slurpee collection is growing after 7/11 stop #3.
It is packed, with a line all the way around the store,
 at what we determined was defintely our favorite 7/11 store!
To keep ourselves entertained during our wait in line, 
Ashley began teaching me the art of lunging.  
As you can notice from the photo above, I'm not nearly as talented as Ashley. 
You see, lunging in more difficult than you think!
#4 Free Slurpee.
We quickly became dear friends with Patty, the regional manager of this 7/11. 
She loved our shirts, loved that it was my 50th birthday,
 and loved that we were celebrating it by drinking free Slurpees all day long!
So she had to get a picture with us "to send to Corporate!"
And I love this picture of us with her and the sketchy guy creeping behind us! 
Our 7/11 friend was so excited that it was my birthday and gave me an envelope marked "Happy Birthday" 
which contained coupons for a free taquito, free hot dog, free slurpee
 and a free coffee (she said she would trade that out for a diet pepsi!)  SCORE!
Free Slurpee #5, which earned a nice lunge from Ashley.
Too bad the photo cut off part of her lunge because really doesn't do it justice.
You'll just have to take my word for it, the lunge was epic and so was the Slurpee.
Our Slurpee collection is growing and so I have to steady the cups with my hands to get a good photo!
#6 Free Slurpee earned another great lunge and a Kesha pose
 (which I truly am not a big fan of... no one looks good with their tongue hanging out of their mouth, 
but if anyone can pull it off it would be Ashley!)
Ashley and I came to the conclusion that many of the 7/11 in the Sacramento area are locate in pretty trashy neighborhoods.
This particular 7/11 was so busy that I had to park illegally in this sketchy establishment's parking lot.
I actually didn't even realize it until we walked out to the car 
and that's when Ashley took this picture just as I said, "Yikes!  Did I really park at Club 916!??" 
And this is what we found at the last 7/11 stop of the day!
This picture says it all!
I mean, this guy looks just about how we felt...
like he had drunk just 1 too many Free Slurpees that day!
But we proved to be  up for the challenge and were all smiles 
as we filled our Slurpee cups up with the last of the Free Slurpees.
We were nearing the end and we could just feel it.
#7 Free Slurpee!  Boom!
And the final collection of all 14 Free Slurpees.
So glad that Ashley talked me out of driving my new car.
It was touch and go, trying to steady all the Free Slurpee cups,
throughout the course of the day! 
But definitely worth all the cup juggling to get this sweet picture!
Proud to say that there were no Free Slurpee spills in the car, but still glad that we took the Sequoia!
Discarding of 14 slurpee cups and it's remaining sugary contents 
always deserves a grand lunge and a sassy face!
Thanks Ash, for a splendid day of Slurpees!
One that I will not forget... nor will I get that syrupy taste out of my mouth...
 for a very loooooong time!!


Kimber said...

Wow!! So much to love in this post!! Too many cups in one car! The creepy guy! Fabulous documentation of the day! Wow! But most of all - love you Mom!!! Happy, happy birthday!!! Hope it was extra special!!! We'll celebrate more in Belize!!

Kirstin said...

This is seriously the funniest thing ever! You guys are nuts! Just kidding, how fun! I want to go next year!

Brooke Holt said...

So jealous I wasn't there to share in this magical birthday! For that post alone you win funniest in the fam for a year.

Charles Moffat said...

Wow !!! what a lovely and cute celebration for the Birthday. .i am also jealous that I wasn't there to share the birthday.i hope it was extra special for you.happy belated birthday. thanks for sharing the snaps of the birthday celebration....

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