Saturday, July 9, 2011

Going to the Temple with Allie

*The next few posts from Allie & Justin's wedding week celebration are going to be chronologically out of order.
 I just downloaded the pictures that Kimber took of all the wedding festivities,
and I'm furiously trying to catch up before the next family wedding (Steph and Kevan's)...
 which is next Friday!  Yikes!!

On Thursday night, we had the privilege of taking Allie to the temple for the first time. 
 It was a wonderful experience, one that I won't forget for a long time. 
 We were grateful that Kimber, Tyler and Sonya could all be there with us in the temple.
(We missed Brett because his flight arrived the next morning.) 
 There isn't anything sweeter than taking one of your children to the temple for the first time. 
 It was a little heaven on earth!
Justin and Allie, the soon-to-be bride and groom.
What a cute couple!
Justin and Allie with Mom and Dad.
Sonya and Tyler.
Tyler, Sonya, Kimber, Justin, Allie, Mom and Dad outside the temple.
Jessica and Sam, Justin's sister and brother-in-law, and his father, Dan with Justin and Allie.
Jana, Justin's mom, and Jim were also there, along with Jan and Nancy, Justin's grandparents. 
Sister Barton, Allie's Young Women leader, and good friends, Karen and Brad Wilkes
 were also there to support Allie that night.
Unfortunately, we didn't get a picture with everyone,
 but it was wonderful to have them there too.

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