Monday, March 24, 2008

Sadie's Lunch at GBHS!

Brooke was in charge of all the lunchtime activities during Sadie's Week at GBHS. She asked Dad and I to help at Sadie's lunch on Friday. It was fun to be on campus and watch Brooke MC the Tug of War in the quad! She did a great job! Of course, the Seniors won!! Doesn't that bring back fond memories all you, GBHS/student government alumni? Good times, huh?!
Brooke, MCing the Tug of War at lunch with Seniors against the Juniors! The Seniors won...of course!!
Brooke enjoying a few moments with Dad at Sadies Lunch.
Hanging our with Courtney Bassett, one of my favorite Laurels, during Sadies Lunch!

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