Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mother-Daughter Date on the slopes!

Kimber and Brett have a crazy life with their busy jobs,
so it didn't look like they were going to get out to Park City to ski with us this year.
But on Tuesday morning, Kimber called and said they were both able to get away from work
and could join us for the President's Day weekend.
We quickly got online and found some flights. Yay!  Thank goodness for Delta Sky miles!
 I'm not sure who was more excited, me, Kimber, Brett or Dad... I think Dad!
 He just loves skiing with his kids!  Nothing makes him happier!
What a fun surprise it was that Kimber was able to come out a day early
 so that she would ski with me in Park City!
We had plenty of fresh snow and sunny skies and yummy food! 
 It was a gorgeous day and the perfect way to spend the day together, just me and my girl!
We both got a big laugh when we saw each other this morning, wearing matching coats!
I've always loved dressing my girls alike and I sometimes like to get in on the fun!
But this was totally unplanned!
When Dad bought me a new ski coat for Christmas,
 I didn't even think about Kimber's red coat when I got it.
This was the first time that we have skied together since I got the coat, 
so when I came down the stairs this morning, wearing the coat, 
we both took a look at each other, and just cracked up!
Like Mother, like daughter!
 Enjoying the ride up to the slopes on the bubble chair!
 I was so excited to finally see fresh snow on the limbs of the trees
that I made Kimber stop and get a picture with all the snow.
Then I realized that this particular tree was covered with an over abundance of snow 
because it was in the direct line of the snow making machine.  Oh well!  
You will just have to trust me that there really was a lot of snow in the trees and it looked beautiful!
And you would have to agree, it did make for a lovely background!
I was just a little excited to ski my favorite run, The Pines, for the first time this season!!
 We enjoyed a delicious lunch at our favorite spot, Cloud Dine.
The white chocolate macadamia nut cookie was seriously one of the best I've every tasted!
 We hit some more moguls after lunch as we made our way down Daybreak.
Again, we were so happy to have fresh snow and be able to ski off piste.
And for the record, I was the one that insisted on going down this run and skiing the moguls!
At the end of the day, going down Doc's Run!
Such a fun day with my girl and I seriously love that she still doesn't mind when we match!
Kind of makes me giggle!!

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