Thursday, February 9, 2012

Here's the scoop!

One thing I know for sure, is that Dad definitely knows how to throw a party!
He loves to entertain.  He loves to be social.  He loves to feed people and
always makes sure that everyone has a good time and, oh yeah... he loves to dress up!
So when he was asked to be in charge of the Stake Ice Cream Social at our church,
he was excited and immediately recruited me to help plan the party. YAY!
We worked together chopping nuts, blowing up balloons, 
carmelizing bananas and scooping up ice cream.
It was a lot of fun and was a big success 
with over 200 people that came that night to listen to the live band,
 to socialize and eat ice cream!
But the best part of the evening was watching Dad, 
who dressed up like the Good Humor guy,
 greeting everyone, MCing the party and scooping up ice cream!
Gotta love that guy!
*Yes!  That is a hat from In 'N' Out that Dad decorated all by himself, using circle die cuts.
Did I mention that he is also very clever and creative?!

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