Monday, February 14, 2011

Brooke's Anti-Valentine's Day Party!

On Saturday night, Brooke hosted the Holt girls' favorite party of the year, the Anti-Valentine's Day Party!  
Allie started the tradition her junior year in high school, 
when she invited her group of boyfriendless (I don't think that is even a word) girlfriends 
to celebrate the romantic holiday without boys!  
They ate valentine goodies and treats and listened to "love gone wrong" songs. 
Then  each of them got to write the name of an exboyfriend or a guy that had broken their heart on a "boy" pinata. 
Everyone got to take a swing at the pinata and beat it until it broke and the candy fell to the ground.  
She even had black t-shirts made for the party with the girls names on the back and "Love Sucks" on the front. 
 The little girls loved helping Allie with all the Anti-Valentine festivities 
and couldn't wait until they could have their own Anti-Vday party.
 This year, Brooke really outdid herself with all the decorations
 and she did everything by herself because Mom and Dad were out of town.
  We flew back from Utah just in time to walk in on all the fun!
The invitation.
The girls.
The kitchen decorations.
Brooke borrowed Allie's giant clothespins from her room to hold up vintage pictures
And took the chalkboards from Ty and Sonya's wedding and changed out the ribbon to match the decor.  Clever!
She made "magazine flowers" and "paper bag flowers" and sewed felt hearts together to make a chain.
She made sugar cookies using the new cookie cutters that I bought her from Williams-Sonoma.  They are adorable!
The chocolate fondue spread.
Tissue flowers and the felt heart ribbon chain.
The official Anti-Valentine's day sign.

Sugar cookies, cupcakes and my small contribution to the party, Valentine's day candy in the jars.
I love this poster that Brooke made. 
Dad asked where she got all the pictures of the guys and 
she said that she found them in some of Ashley's old magazines.  
Dad was like, "What?! Where did Ashley get those kind of magazines!"  Ha! Ha!
Ribbon bows!  Cute!
The view from the family room.
Cute cookies!
Paper banner, made with tissue paper, newspaper, doilies, magazines, paper bags and coffee filters, that she dyed different shades of pink.  Wow!

The magazine flower hanging from the ceiling with the tissue flower.
She cut out these cute cupid stencils!
Allie, do these phones look familiar?  I'm glad that Brooke found a good use for them!


hayley j said...

brooke should be a party planner!!! adorable :)

Kirstin said...

That is one humdinger of a party! Such a cute girl!

deb said...

this is sooo cute!!!!!

Sonya and Tyler said...

Seriously AMAZING! She was an excellent wedding planner for our wedding, and I'm sure she's already hard at work on Justin and Allie's. This girl NEEDS to be a wedding planner!

Jensen Family said...

That is absolutely adorable! I am so impressed with the deocrations. I will have to enlist you for my next party.