Monday, February 7, 2011

San Diego

We spent the weekend down in San Diego.
We ate lots and lots of mexican food,
 spent a lot of time at Old Town and the Mormon Battalion Visitors Center, 
visited the beach, drove to the San Diego Temple, 
watched Brooke race at the XC Championship,
 and lunched with Emily and Lindsy Ethington.
If you haven't visited the Mormon Battalion Visitors Center lately, you really out to.
The exhibits and interactive video that told the stories of the saints 
who served in the Mormon battalion were very entertaining and informative.
Dad and Brooke were able to look up one of Dad's ancestors, William Holt, 
who was in the Mormon Battalion.
Brooke and I had to get a picture of us driving the covered wagon.
And Brooke was trying to get a boyfriend.
While Dad tried to shot the cannon.
Then we drove over to the beautiful San Diego Temple.
They were doing some work on the temple so they had it all roped off,
which was great because I could get this gorgeous picture without anyone in the background.
But then we tried to get a picture together and got the caution tape in the background.
I'm sure that if I took the time that I could probably photoshop
that caution tape out of the picture...that is if I knew how to use photoshop...
Here is Brooke during her race.
After a delicious lunch at Old Town Mexican Cafe with Lindsy and Emily.
It was so good to catch up with these two darling girls!


Carrie said...

I'm so excited to hear where Brooke goes to school next year! When's the announcement/decision? Scott and I went to Old Towne Mexican Cafe years ago!!! Did you have a corn tortilla? I had them and they were homemade and soft ... so amazing! I've had dreams of that place...was it still good? Fun to keep up with you guys!

Sonya and Tyler said...

Soooo fun! I'm glad you thought of me when you saw the cupcake shop! Honestly, I loved the cupcakes at our wedding reception! They are some of the best ones I've had out of anywhere!!! I'm going to make sure I get a couple when we're there this summer!