Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wedding planning & skiing in Utah

Allie and I have spent the last couple of days doing some wedding planning
 and we are happy to say that we have got a lot done! Yay! 
 I love checking things off the list! 
 We also squeezed in some other fun activities
 such as lunching with my dear friend, Ruth Todd, 
shopping/visiting Rhonda and Elle Williams at Nordstroms 
and dinner at Cheesecake with Susan Duke. 
 It was so fun to accomplish so much and get to catch up with everyone!  
So today since we got so much done...
...that I decided to join Kimber and Brett on the slopes and enjoy the gorgeous sunshine!
First thing this morning, Brett and I headed for our favorite run on the mountain, "The Pines."
Then we lunched at the top of Dreamcatcher at Clouddine. 
 It was delicious and the views were amazing on such a beautiful day!
I felt guilty skiing without dad, but don't worry...he is on a plane 
and will be joining us tonight. At that time, the real ski party can begin:)!

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Sonya and Tyler said...

Can't wait to hear all about the wedding plans soooon!