Friday, February 4, 2011

SkiFest 2011

We arrived in Utah Wednesday evening 
and after picking up some discount tickets for the Canyon's at Utah Ski and Golf,
 we went straight to Tucanos at Gateway for dinner. 
 The Jack's and Skinner's loved the Brazilian restaurant,
 especially since they we don't have anything like it in Sacramento. 
 It was the perfect dinner stop before we headed up to Park City to begin SkiFest 2011.
Enjoying a delicious dinner.
A wonderful way to start the weekend.
Ashley and her roommate, Sydney came and joined us for dinner.
So did Allie, we just didn't get a picture of her...sorry Allie!
All six of us, riding the Tombstone chairlift on a bright sunny ski day at Canyons!
The girls sitting in the sun at Clouddine, enjoying the warm weather!
And the guys had to get in on the fun.
Doug, Liz and Mark enjoying dinner at Red Rock.
Dinner was fabulous, as usual, at Red Rock.  The bruschetti is simply the best! 
Liz and Sue ordered Root Beer floats for dessert.
They were delicious but definitely messy...very messy!
Dave and Lisa Shotwell, our neighbors from Weddington joined us a day of skiing at Deer Valley.
We enjoyed eating a lovely lunch outside on the patio at Empire Pass Lodge!
My good friend, Marci, gave me some these cute sunglasses.
They were perfect for a sunny ski day and I had to get a picture
 so I could send it to Marci and tell her how much I love my new sunglasses.
Hanging out at "the beach" at Deer Valley.
The Holt's.
The Shotwell's.
The Skinner's.
The Jack's.
At the end of a great day at Deer Valley..
with the Jack's.
That night we headed to Main Street for dinner, which was busy with all the Sundance Film Festival crowds.
We had dinner at Grappas, one of our favorite restaurants in Park City. 
Our dear friends and former Granite Bay residents, Scott and Linda Howell joined us that night. 
We all had a good time visiting and catching up with the Howell's.
The Holt's, Howell's, Jack's and Skinner's on Main Street.
Our crowd dwindled down to the Howell's, the Jack's and me at Zoom on Saturday night.
Mark flew home for stake conference 
and the Skinner's had an emergency so they flew home that morning.
Our group was small but we had a fun time.  
Earlier that day, while shopping on Main Street, 
Sue and I ran into Robert Redford, right in front of his restaurant, Zoom!
He was only about 4 feet away from us when he looked up and we locked eyes
 (seriously he was staring right at us!) 
and we must have looked so surprised that he just kind of smiled and laughed at us. 
 Sue and I just kind of giggled and then we both said, "Hi!" and he said, "HI!" back to us.  
I was scrambling to get my camera out but by the time I did, 
all I got was this picture of the back of  "Bob's" head as he got into the car.  
 So when we got to the restaurant that night and saw that this picture of the back of "Bob's" head, 
we had to get our picture with it:)! 
We found the moose on Main Street and had to take a few pictures...
The Jack's posing with the moose.
I'm sorry to say that this was the only moose that dad spotted on the trip!
The last night out, we went to Chimayo
 and I think we all agreed that it was by far the best southwestern cuisine that we have ever tasted!
Everything we ordered was absolutely amazing!
We had Crab Empandadas and Sugarcane Elk Skewers for appetizers. Yum!
We tried the Crab & Corn Chowder and the Tortilla soup.  Yum! Yum!
Sue ordered the Stuffed Avocado with Marinated Vegetables Salad. Amazing!
I ordered the Mustard Seed Encrusted Grilled Salmon. Out of this world! Really!
 Doug had Grilled Buffalo Flank Steak. Wow!
And Dad ordered his favorite, Crown Roast of Barbecued Spareribs.
Here we are at the end of the most lovely meal and we are all happy and our tummies are so full!
We spent our last day skiing at Canyons.
It was much colder than the previous days so Sue and I were happy to quit a little early
 and drink hot chocolate with caramel and eat peanut butter chocolate donuts.
While Doug was getting his foot sized up for his new boots, 
Dad and I shared another hot chocolate while enjoying the sun at "the beach" at  Canyons!
It was the perfect way to end SkiFest 2011, drinking hot chocolate on "the beach" with Sue!
Good times with good friends, great food, good snow and my favorite, lots of sun!

*Some have asked, after reading this post, if we should change the name from SkiFest 2011 to FoodFest 2011.  
That is a legitimate question.  It does seem that there was a heavy emphasis on food during this trip.  
I've always said that I ski to eat and this ski trip was certainly evidence of this:)!


hayley j said...

that is quite the skifest! you guys are such snow bunnies, i am jealous! the skinners are great! so i know it must have been tons of fun!

v a n e s s a said...

you two are definitely rivaling brad and karen for biggest party people! well done.

Sonya and Tyler said...

Waaaait, I thought SkiFest was going to be when Tyler and I come! haha, really I guess it'll just be about SkiFest #6 for you guys by the time we get there! We're still so excited no matter what # it is!