Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lots of sun and lots of skiing

This is how Allie and I like to start our ski day, 
laying out at the beach and watching the US Snowboarding Grand Prix at Canyons.
Kimber and Brett like to start the ski day tearing it up at The Pines.
And after enjoying the sun and the competition,
 Allie joins Brett and Kimber at The Pines.
Allie loves her Dad...
 and Dad loves skiing with his Allie!
Kimber loves her new skis!  Thanks Dad!!
And Kimber loves skiing 9990 with her new skis...
but mostly, she loves that Brett likes to ski 9990 too!
Allie taking a break at the top of the mogul run,
 after Allie, Mom and Brett foolishly followed Kimber and Dad,
 down a unchartered double black diamond run, 
which almost lead Allie over a cliff, 
and Brett and Mom almost saw their lives flash before them 
as they descended down the steep slope. 
 We were once again reminded that we should never trust our mountain guides, Kimber and Dad...
especially when it comes to skiing:)!
Once Brett made it down the top part of 9990,
he found that he loved the challenge of the double black diamond run,
as evidence of the big smile on his face!
The next day we headed over to the Super Condor lift first thing in the morning.
Brett studied the trail map and found a black diamond run off of Boa called Cains Lupus, 
which is basically a narrow gully, and thought that it looked like a lot of fun, and Dad agreed.  
The rest of us took a look at the run and decide that it is too icy and narrow, 
but Dad and Brett like an adventure and so they dropped into the gully. 
 We skied down Boa and waited for them to come racing down the run and right as they came into view, 
we saw Brett's binding on his skis pop right off!  
 Dad checks the ski and accesses the situation to see if he can fix it.
It was determined that the ski and binding couldn't be fixed so the only thing to do...
is climb out of the gully with one ski.
After ski/climbing out of the gully, good natured Brett is still all smiles.
Dad was too!  He excitedly shouted, "Guess who gets new skis?!"
Dad loves to buy new skis for everyone.
Years ago, when he and Jerry Martin were looking at skis,
they made up this silly reason why they needed new skis.
 They claimed that it was a "safety issue," that their skis were "dangerous!"
Since then, whenever anyone is looking at new skis or talks about buying new skis, 
Dad will tease and say, "It's a safety issue!"
For once, it really is a safety issue:)!
Here's a very short video showing Brett's skills skiing with one ski!
Pretty impressive!
Kimber was a good wife and carried one of his skis down hill.
 Brett finally took the ski off and walked down the hill.
Dad and Kimber took turns carrying the skis.
 Finally, Brett caught a ride on the snowmobile 
which took him and his skis down to the bottom of the mountain.
 We lunched and sat in the sun at the base of Doc's Run.
Dad and Ashley loved the new comfy chairs.
 Mark, Brett's brother, joined us for the day.
After lunch, he did a little shopping and found this great coat,
which Ashley and Mom agreed that he had to buy it!
Dad said that it's his "girl catching coat!"
 Ashley loves skiing with her Dad!
 And she loves it when her Mom takes lots of pictures of her...
 on every run...
 but she really loves to take pictures with her Mom on the mountain!
but she especially loves it when Dad skis right behind her and surprises her
when he has a "beginner moment" and almost taking her out as he completely wipes out!  
Thanks Dad for all the laughs and all the fun!


Kirstin said...

What gorgeous weather! I need to head to the hills, too. Really I need you guys along so we can get good pictures! What fun!

Heather said...

I love your skiing pictures and stories. Your family is so much fun!