Sunday, February 27, 2011

Celebrating Grandma Olson's 85th birthday in Arizona!

My dear, sweet mother is turning 85 next week, 
so all of my siblings and their spouses gathered in Arizona to celebrate her birthday. 
 It was a wonderful weekend with all of the family!
 Grandma, as usual, was so sweet and appreciative. 
 Whenever she got up to get a drink or if she left the room or if it got quiet for a moment, 
she would address everyone, with her soft spoken voice, and tell us how much she loves us 
and how much she appreciates us being there and how wonderful we are. 
 She is so adorable!
My mother loves birds so one morning, we drove over to the Riparian Preserve in Gilbert to do some birdwatching.
Grandma and Grandpa are so cute, walking hand in hand around the bird sanctuary together.
So tender!
I love this cute picture of Grandpa helping Grandma look for the birds.
Brooke and her sweet Grandma and Grandpa!
Brooke and her cousin, Kristen.
Chatting with the family in Grandma's family room.
Grandma's 85th birthday cake!
I took the picture that is on the cake last year when I was visiting them.
I love all the flowers in front of their house 
and I love that Grandma and Grandpa wanted me to take their picture with all the flowers
 but most of all I love that I caught Grandma standing outside in the front yard in her socks.
So cute.
Grandma is getting ready to blowout the candles on her cake.
Grandpa looks on adoringly at Grandma.
He loves her so much and so does all of her kids and grandkids!
We are so lucky to have such a wonderful mother and grandmother!


Kimber said...

Looks like an amazing celebration!! Happy 85th Grandma! You're the best!!!

Ashley said...

Aah! It's like this entire post was written to make me jealous that I couldn't go. Looked SO FUN!! I love Grandma.