Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Brooke and her Bear go to college

 The time has come for Brooke to head off to BYU.
I know, it's hard to believe that she is old enough to go to college.
It just isn't possible, is it?  It's hard to even think of letting her go. 
But she is so excited to enter the next stage of life 
that I'm trying to be supportive and be excited too.  Really, I am.
So we packed up her car, full to the brim and made the trek to Park City.
Brooke and I will be hanging out here for the next 10 days.
She will be running, training and trying to acclimate to the altitude
 before the BYU XC camp starts the week before school.
We can't wait to hang out with Allie and Justin, 
and look forward to next week when Dad will join us for some fun.
We love Park City in the summer!
  Ready to start the trip at exactly 9:29 am!
 Dad didn't think that we could be ready to leave by 9:30 am 
so we had to prove him wrong! 
OK, I have to confess... it might have been 9:37 am, 
but hey, that was pretty darn close, right?!
Brooke had to do her morning run, say goodbye to her teammate, Natalie,
hurry and take a quick shower so hence, the wet hair in all the pictures.
 Brooke's day started with Ashley waking her up with a plate full of Bill's Donuts
 and singing "Happy College Day to you"!  What a sweet sister!  
She has been great, helping Brooke pack up all her stuff!
They are the cutest little girls ever!
 Brooke's friends, Devon and Taylor, surprised her by decorating her car.
We had to laugh because they used red paint.  
How were they supposed to know that red is Utah's school color?!  
It made us laugh and Brooke thought it was awesome!
 Brooke had to take her bear.  Some of you may remember that Brooke loves her bear.  
Katie's mom, made each of the XC runners a bear
 and presented them with their own personalized bear the day they won Sections.
Brooke loves her bear... I mean LOVES her bear... like, she sleeps with her bear every night kind of love!
So when I came out to the car to get in,
 I wasn't at all surprised to find Bear sitting in the front seat, all buckled up, ready to go.
Did I say, I can't believe she is old enough to go college?! 
On Monday night, some of Brooke's closest friends surprised her at BJ's.
They had fun catching up, talking all about their college plans and said their "goodbyes."  
It was a fun evening with a cute group of girls 
and there were only a few tears that were shed!


v a n e s s a said...

aw, i can't believe she's going to college either! but how fun for her, she will love it. i imagine you and mark will be spending a lot of time in park city this year... have fun brooke!

Kirstin said...

Wow, no more kids at home! So sad for you but think of all the trips you will get to come and visit Utah! We are so excited for her!

deb said...

it's hard to believe all the holt kids are out of the nest. still remember the first time i ever saw you debbie i didnt know you yet but the memory of our first meeting makes me smile...i was walking into the fabric store just as a little girl came running towards the door at break neck speed. i held the door closed and looked around to see if anyone was looking for a missing child. about that time you started frantically looking around and calling "brooke" when you saw us you ran over thanking me for keeping her inside. every time I read about brooke running and all her energy I think about that day and your comment as you walked
away " oh my gosh this girl is soooo fast"