Tuesday, August 2, 2011

You better Belize it!

We are here in Belize for the week and it's pretty "unbelizable!"
Almost 8 years ago, Mark and I spent a day here in Belize as one of our stops on a cruise. 
 We took a boat out to Caye Caulker and enjoyed an amazing day of snorkling
 and a delicious lunch on the beach. 
 On the boat trip back to Belize City, we passed a beautiful island. 
Our guide told us it was the quaint little island of San Pedro, 
which had nice resorts and great restaurants. 
We fell in love with the charming but rustic feel of Belize 
and decided that someday we would bring the kids back here. 
 I bought a t-shirt that said, "You better Belize it!" to remember our adventurous day.
 My kids got such a kick out of that t-shirt and every time I wore it, 
it would make them giggle and laugh. 
 Not in a "that's cute and adorable way" but rather the "I'm mocking you kind of way."
 I would tell them, "You can laugh all you want but trust me, 
if you saw this place, you would wish you had a t-shirt like mine too! 
 Maybe, if you are really good, I'll take you there someday!"
 Well, the kids have been really good (and everyones schedules worked out perfectly) 
so we took them to Belize so they could see it for themselves. 
 And they all agreed that it is pretty "unbelizable!"
Brooke and Dad right off the boat, arriving at our resort,
Belizean Cove Estates on San Pedro Island. 


Kirstin said...

It looks like heaven! What lucky kids you have! Have fun!

Jenna said...

Have fun! Looks beautiful! I love that picture. Cute hat Brooke.

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