Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Brooke, the Bachelorette!

Brooke is adjusting to college life just fine.
She is loving it, especially loves having her sisters Ashley and Allie (and brother-in-law, Justin) close by.
Here is an excerpt from Allie's blog about a fun experience that Brooke had at freshman orientation.

My baby sister, Brooke is starting college this year!  I am so excited for her and happy that she will be so close to us!
Anyway, Brooke's freshmen year has had a fabulous start thanks to the Dating Game. 
Brooke was chosen to be the "bachelorette" in the BYU New Student Orientation version of the game. 
Naturally, I headed over to the Wilk (student center) to witness it myself.

Needless to say, it was awesome. Justin wins best bro-in-law (sorry Brett) for capturing the event.

The MC (who was acting as Harry Potter's Snape for some unknown reason...)
 announced a little bio about Brooke and then she walked out. So. Freaking. Beautiful. 
All you could see was blonde hair and golden tan skin. 
The boys practically ran to the stage for a chance at a date.
Pretty Brookie, walking out on the stage.
Eager boys run to the stage.
Professor Snape explaining the rules.
Brooke answered the questions...
and the sad boys had to leave if their answers didn't match hers.
The pack of boys dwindles.
The final two.
Brooke asked questions and the boys had to make up answers on the spot.
My favorite answer for "What is your best pick up line?
One boy said, "I'm headed to the Celestial Kingdom, wanna come?"  I love BYU!
And we have a winner!
Uhhh! Can I have your number?

Ash, Justin, and I loved every minute of this.  It was thoroughly entertaining.
Brooke was like a mini celeb walking around afterwards.
It was at that moment that I really wasn't liking this "empty nesting" thing.
Don't get me wrong.  I love just being with Mark without any kids around.  
It's like we are on this really long, uninterrupted date and that part is truly wonderful! Really, it is.
Just saying that I hate missing out on the fun kid things.
But we are heading back to Utah this weekend to watch Brooke race 
and spend time with the college kids.
It's all good and thank goodness for cell phones calls, skype sessions, emails, Ichat, etc,
and wonderful son-in-laws that take photos, and daughters that blog about all the fun,
so I don't really miss a thing.  Right!?


Kirstin said...

What fun! It is hard not to be a part of all the fun moments, how do they grow up so fast? My baby will be out the door in 5 years and I am already thinking it will feel like next week by how fast time is flying. What a cute daughter!

v a n e s s a said...

well of course brooke already has boys lined up to date her! how funny, she is so cute.

Jenna said...

I LOVED reading that! Brooke is a celeb at BYU already. The guy she ended up with looks really cute too! How fun! Hope you are doing okay being an empty nester. :)

janellemc said...

Brooke looks beautiful. What a fun way to start Freshman year!