Saturday, August 20, 2011

Brooke turns 18!!

The Birthday girl!
 Birthday dinner at Cisero's on Main Street, always a family favorite,
with none other than Elder and Sister Wilkes.
Don't worry!  It was all legal!  They had spent the day up in SLC for training
 at the LDS Church Public Affairs Office and stopped by for dinner on their way back to Provo.
You know that Brad, he doesn't ever want to miss out on a party!!
 Nice to know that our 18 year old still takes advantage of the crayons and butcher paper table cloths 
like all the rest of the children do to entertain themselves until their dinner arrives.
And you can see what is still on her mind, pigs and BYU!  That's a funny combination but two of Brooke's loves!
She is all smiles when her chicken parmesan, her favorite dish at Cisero's, arrives at her table.
 Brooke heard that the Wilkes were coming so she dressed appropriately in her African outfit!  
The necklace she is wearing is the one that Karen brought back to her from Africa 2 years ago.  Cute!
 Brooke, looking so classy and chic, blows out her candles on her birthday pizookie!
 Elder and Sister Wilkes are thumbs up and ready to head to Africa.
 I'm just not ready to say goodbye... not quite yet!
 Back at our place, we celebrated with cupcakes, princess candles that Brooke picked out,
 (and a few magic candles, just for fun) and colorful sodas.
 Allie and Justin enjoying the party.
 Karen is such a clever and cute gift giver!
She overheard Brooke and Ashley talking about decorating the apartment with owls,
 so she gave Brooke these darling owl napkin holders.
 and this fun wallet, which is perfect for Brooke.
My girls are seriously going to miss Karen (and Brad too!)
They are some of their sweetest friends, who always showered so much love and attention on my kids!
 Mom and Dad ready to tear into the cupcakes that Brooke and I made.
 Brad was particularly impressed with the soda selection.
 Dad is impressed with the rainbow cupcake.
 Time for our final goodbye.
Really!  This time it is for good... or should I say for 18 months (that still seems like a long time.)
Well, I'm going to say 8 months because this time, Mark and I have promised to come over and visit them.  More on that later.
 Dear friends.  Seriously the best kind of folk you will ever meet! (That's the way you say it in Wyoming!)
 They just don't come any better than these two.
That's all I have to say about that.
I'd write more but the tears in my eyes are making it difficult for me to see the letters on my keyboard:)!
And finally, back to the birthday girl.  Here she is in her birthday apron.
Everyone needs a Happy Birthday apron, right?! (Dad was just a little confused!)
Brooke, we love you!  And hope your 18th birthday was the best!
And even though I told you many, many times that I didn't want you to ever grow up
and you would always say, "I don't ever want to grow up.  I'll always be your little girl!"
 and yet, you did grow up and you are an adult!  How did that happen so fast?!
It's a little bit ironic, but yet maybe it's symbolic that I gave you an apron... 
I must be trying to tell myself that I am finally (I think?) ready to cut the apron strings 
and let you grow up and be an adult!
That's right! (Deep breathes.) I can do this.
But in my heart, you will always be my baby, my blond, curly haired,
 busy, energetic, happy and adorable little bear girl!
Happy 18th! 


Erica said...

Happy birthday, Brooke! This an exciting time in that girl's life! And I can imagine it's an emotional time for Madre and Padre!

And btw, so exciting about an Africa trip!

Majid Ali said...

Please for Christ sake help this poor boy from Haiti