Sunday, October 23, 2011

75th Welfare Anniversary Celebration

I've never been one that really enjoys organizing big events or throwing big parties,
but somehow it seems as if that has been my life lately (actually as long as I can remember.)
The week right after Allie and Justin's wedding, 
I was asked to serve as the Rocklin Stake Public Relations, Event Chairperson.
My first assignment was to organize a service project for our community
to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Church Welfare Plan.
I've always been impressed with the program, which teaches self-reliance and service,
but the more that I studied, read and learned about the many inspired aspects of this program,
the more I wanted to share with others what I had learned
and help them feel what I felt when I watched these videos on the LDS church website.
So along with planning "Cans for the Community", a canned food drive for our community,
I also organized an open house, where people could come learn more about the Church Welfare program.
We had different stations covering programs such as the Employment Services, 
Humanitarian Services, Bishop's Storehouse, Canning and Self-reliance, and Mormon Helping Hands.
There were specialists that made presentations about the principles that are taught 
and the programs that are available through the Church Welfare program.
We also had some of the church videos running throughout the day.
So when people came to drop off their donated cans at the Stake Center,
they could take a tour around the cultural hall (which is basically a mormon gymnasium)
and see all the displays and presentations about the church welfare program
and learn how it has blessed the lives of so many.
Many of the local community leaders came,
 which included our State senator Ted Gaines and his wife, Assemblywoman, Beth Gaines,
Rocklin Fire Chief, Bill Mikesell and Rocklin Police Chief, Ron Lawrence.
And we gathered LOTS of cans, which we donated to the Loomis Basin Food Pantry,
Rocklin and Granite Bay Rotary clubs and the Granite Bay Kiwanis club.
Stake President Sean Murphy and his counselor, President Dan Clift in front of the donated cans
with State Senator Ted Gaines and his wife, Assemblywoman Beth Gaines, 
and the Rocklin Fire Chief, Bill Mikesell and Rocklin Chief of Police, Ron Lawrence.
The view as you enter our building, a beautiful picture of Christ 
and the poster entitled, "Catching the Vision of Self-Reliance." 
 My dear friend and walking partner, Karen and her husband, Brad are serving a humanitarian mission in Rwanda. 
 Karen's daughter-in-law, Jenny put together this wonderful display of pictures
 and video of Elder and Sister Wilkes.  It was definitely one of the most popular stations. 
 Everyone wanted to see pictures of the Wilkes and read about all the good they are doing in Africa.
 The list of all the service projects that the Rocklin Stake Humanitarian group
have accomplished this year, which have benefitted so many.  Pretty impressive!
 Here are some of those cute ladies and their display of quilts, school kits, hygiene kits and much much more.
 The youth gathered a lot of cans.  They looked so cute in their Mormon Helping Hands vests!
Then there was a cute group of boys that came in with a bunch of cans.
 More pictures of the cute kids and more cans!
 I just love this little girl's smile.  So adorable!
 Some of Karen and Brad's good friends, Michael and Ann Marie Mullen and Lee Cooley,
are enjoying reading about Elder and Sister Wilkes.
Another picture of some of the VIPs with all the cans that we collected that day.
And here are a list of some of my favorite videos about the Church Welfare Program:
(Just click on the links below.  I promise, you will enjoy them!)
Boy's Home
Michelle's Story
Labor of his Hands
A Thousand Days
A Desolate land
Response to Chile Earthquake
 I love to watch all the videos.  I mean, I really love to watch those videos.
It warms my heart and makes me smile to see what members of the church are doing to serve
 and take care of needs of others and bless the lives of so many.  
When I watch Clean Water is Happiness, I think of my dear friends, Elder and Sister Wilkes, 
who are serving a humanitarian mission in Rwanda for 18 months.
I am in awe of their unselfish dedication and love for the people of Africa.
If you want to read more about all the good they are doing in Rwanda
you can follow their blog at
It was a wonderful celebration of the Church Welfare Program, and now that it is over,
 I am left feeling like I want to get out and "do some thing good in the world today" 
and hopefully after watching those videos you will feel the same way.

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v a n e s s a said...

oh deb, that is the PERFECT calling for you! inspired indeed. the event looked so great and i'm impressed with jenny's display! way to represent the wilkes.