Monday, October 31, 2011

A Happy Halloween at the Holt Orthodontic office!

 Halloween is a really big deal at the Holt Orthodontic office.
Dad's staff love to dress up and they all love Disneyland,
so dressing up as Disney characters just seemed like the perfect plan.
Because as many of the patients have claimed, 
the Holt Orthodontic office is just about "the happiest place on Earth."
The office went to lunch at Cheesecake Factory, afterwards
they headed over to the Disney store to take a few photos by the castle.
The princesses in front of the castle.
Some of the girls made their own costumes.  Clever!
I wish you could see the detail of TinkerBell and her friend, Rosetta.
It was fun to see the reactions of all the little kids,
 as the staff walked through the mall.
 Here is Snow White and one of the dwarfs...
and Dad creeping in the background...
notice Mickey peering out of the castle.
Good to know that Dad is still a kid at heart!
 This little Belle was so excited to see all the Disney Princesses.
She just stood there in awe with so many Disney characters surrounding her,
so we just had to take a picture of her with our own Belle.
Here is all the gang in front of the castle in the Disney store.
And here is Mickey at the church Trunk or Treat party with the cutest little Minnie Mouse!
Little Kendall is seriously one of my favorite little friends and the most adorable Minnie!
I mean look at that sweet smile and check out those fabulous Minnie Mouse shoes!
Awwwwww! I missing having a little girl to dress up for Halloween!
I guess dressing Dad up as Mickey will have to do for now:)!


Allie said...

The staff's costumes are awesome and that little Minnie is stinkin cute!

v a n e s s a said...

woah this is impressive! wish i could have come to him when i was a kid!