Sunday, November 6, 2011

Invisalign Lecture in Walnut Creek

Dad lectured down in Walnut Creek on Friday morning so I tagged along and 
I'm glad that I did because I got to see our good friends, Todd and Bic Aki.
Todd was so nice and came to hear Mark lecture and Bic joined us afterwards for lunch at Il Fornio.
Mark and Todd were Ortho residents together in Oklahoma.
Todd was single back then so he would spend his "free time" hanging out with us.
Bic was still in dental school at UCSF so when she came out to visit Todd she would stay with us.
At the time, we had 3 little kids (Kimber was 3, Tyler was 2 and Allison was 1 year old.)  
So "hanging out with us" was kind of like hanging out at a daycare center.
Todd and Bic were so sweet and patient and didn't seem to mind that we had so many little ones. 
Even though it was always a little crazy and chaotic with all of our kids,
we spent a lot time together with Todd and Bic and  
 we have the best memories of our days in OKC with the Akis.
I had to get a photo with the two Oklahoma Ortho Alumni to send to Dr. Currier.
So Todd and Mark posed and looked professional in one photo and then...
Mark said, "Hey!  Let's get a picture with us doing that sign that they would always do
 at the end of the news when they would say, "Oklahoma is OK!"
Todd and Mark got the giggles and this is what I got:)!
Well, our memories of Oklahoma were more than just OK. 
Because of wonderful people like Todd and Bic, Bill and Mary Ann
 and Mike and Ann and the entire Kierl family,
it was really, really great!

*Just as I was ready to post this blogpost, Tyler texted me and said that they just survived a 5.6 earthquake in Oklahoma City, "the largest ever!"  
Tyler and Sonya have already survived a tornado, hailstorm and now they can say that they have survived an earthquake in Oklahoma!  
Fortunately, they are "OK!"   And I guess that is the theme for this blogpost:)!

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Kimber said...

So fun! I love the 'ok' pic!