Sunday, November 20, 2011

BYU NCAA Mountain Region XC Championships

Since we were in town and our cousin, Stephanie was running in the race,
 we had to go cheer for the BYU Cross Country team 
at the Mountain Region Championships on Saturday morning.
Stephanie had a great race and finished 4th for the BYU team!
Athletic Director Tom Holmoe, came and introduced himself to Brooke
and congratulated her on being the only freshman that made the XC travel squad.
Dad took advantage of the moment and got "the scoop" 
about BYU possibly joining the Big East vs. staying independent 
and asked him "Why they didn't get an invite to the Big 10?!"
If you want to know what Tom said, you will have to ask Mark...
I don't dare repeat what Tom said on my blog... I mean,
I might get it wrong or misquote him and I wouldn't want to do that:)!
I was very impressed that 1) Tom was at the XC meet and 
2) that he took the time and made such an effort to go around and meet the XC athletes.
Jeff and Caitlin came down to watch one of Caitlin's friends run for Colorado.
It was fun to watch the race with these cute kids!
I love this picture of Jeff surrounded by all these darling girls!
Did I mention that it was absolutely freezing... I mean, FREEZING!
So here we are with Aunt Oranee, in our puffer coats with our hoods up, trying to keep warm!
Steph and Brooke, best friends, cute cousins and BYU XC teammates!
Steph with her Kevan and her cute family!
Steph on her tiptoes, with Kevan after the race!
Our family congratulating Steph on a great race!
BYU finished 4th that day which was just good enough to qualify the team for Nationals!

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