Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Eureka Schools Foundation Auction

When Mark and I chaired the first ESF Dinner and Auction 18 years ago, 
Brooke was 2 months old, we lived at our Brandy Circle house, 
and Douglas Blvd was a two lane road from the lake to Sierra College Blvd. 
 A lot has changed here in Granite Bay since the early days of the Auction 
but one thing stays the same, the Auction is still "the social event of the year" 
which raises lots of money for the children of the Eureka School district. 
 The tradition continues with a younger group of parents. 
As I took a look around the room and watched the paddles being raised,
people furiously bidding on items, I am reminded of the generous people that live in our community. 
 This is the first year that I attended not as a parent, a chairperson, 
volunteer or school board member... just a supportive member of the community. It was nice!
 I enjoyed visiting and catching up with all the principals, teachers and district administrators. 
 Although, I guess some didn't even notice that I am not a board member anymore. 
 One teacher asked me why I didn't show up at the last school site visit 
(that's where the school board members visit a school for the day.)
 She seemed so distraught and disappointed that I wasn't there, 
that I hated to explain to her that I was no longer on the board.
 She looked confused and said, "Since when did that happen?" 
and I had to tell her that my term ended almost a year ago.  Awkward!
 Nice to know that I made such an impact while I was on the board 
that some teachers didn't even notice that I'm not there anymore:)!! Ha! Ha!
Here we are with our Silverwood neighbors, Adrian and Michelle Randolph.  
Me and my good friend, Marci.
We have been going to this Auction together for years.
Always a fun night when you are at the Auction with Marci.
She bids on anything and everything and is so competitive.
Just thinking about her raising her paddle makes me laugh... 
and then Jerry asking her, "What are you bidding on?" 
and then Marci slowly lowering her paddle and answering in a confused voice,
 "Uhhh!  I don't know!"  Gotta love Marci... 
and gotta love going to the Auction... even after all these years!


Brad and Karen said...

Debbie, I can't believe it's been a year since your term ended! What a great work you and Mark have done for the District and the community. I remember first attending the auction 17 years ago in 1994, and meeting you for one of the first times there!

v a n e s s a said...

ooh, fancy dresses! you guys look great!