Monday, October 17, 2011

Mitt Romney Luncheon

 We flew home early Friday morning so that we could go to the Mitt Romney luncheon.
I was so looking forward to shaking his hand, getting another picture with him and hearing him speak.
I have gone to Romney fundraisers, when he ran for president 4 years ago, 
and thought he was bright, intelligent, charismatic and the most qualified candidate.
Once again, after hearing Mitt speak, I was so impressed.
Not only is he a great speaker, able to articulate how he would lead our country forward 
but he was able to answer difficult questions, inspiring patriotism and energizing the audience.
Plus, he has such a remarkable gift of engaging in a meaningful conversation,
 making you feel really important while he's busy greeting a roomful of people.
As we were in line, waiting to take a formal picture before the luncheon, 
I watched him greet each person, as if he was truly excited to meet them,
making small talk and chatting it up, like they were the only person in the room.
So when Dad and I walked up to get our picture taken with him,
Dad had to mention that we had attended the "visitor's ward"
 in Park City with him on a number of occasions.
Mitt acted like he was thrilled to hear about it, in fact,
 you would have thought that he actually remembered us.  
It was obvious that being informed that we had worshiped together a couple of times 
was almost as exciting as finding out that Chris Christie was going to endorse him.
At least, that's how he made you feel, and he said something like,
"Oh, Park City is such a beautiful place!  We love spending time there."
And with that, Dad got so excited, he wasn't going to let the conversation stop there.
He quickly responded, "Yeah, we love it in Park City!  We just got back from there! 
The leaves are changing and there is snow on the tops of the mountain!!"
Again, Mitt acted absolutely thrilled.  I'm sure he was glad to get the "Snow Report."
Well, anyone that acts that excited about the snow conditions in Park City
definitely won Mark over and gets his vote.
We support Mitt not only because he's brilliant, has the experience and loves Park City,
but because he is the most qualified candidate to take on the challenges of the economy
 and turn our country around.  As Allie says, "Mitt is legit!"
 My friends, Michael and Donna Garton sat at our table and 
are excited to hear Mitt speak.
 I got to visit with my cousin, Constance Wyatt at the luncheon.
After Mitt spoke, Michael and Donna stood in line and shook his hand, 
but they didn't bother to snap a photo with him.
When I found out, even though they were a little embarrassed, 
I made them get back in line to get a picture with Mitt.
When he saw them again, he greeted them with a smile and said, 
"That's great! You are coming back for more!"
I think he won them over and will get Michael and Donna's vote too!

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Allie said...

I love Mitt! How fun to hear him speak! Maybe we'll spot him again at the visitor's ward sometime soon...