Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend in Utah

I decided that this "empty nesting" thing isn't so bad, 
as long as we get to visit our kids, hang out and have fun with them every so often. 
 "Often" being the key word and that is exactly what is on our schedule these first few months, 
to make sure that the transition goes smoothly. 
 There is nothing better than spending time with your kids, 
seeing them in their new environment with their new friends, 
knowing that they are happy and enjoying what they are doing. 
It makes letting them go so much easier.
On Friday, we went on a bike ride with Ashley.  
We love the gorgeous bike trails in Park City.
We rode to Kneaders, one of our favorite Utah bakeries.  
We sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful weather, 
the gorgeous view and ate a yummy lunch.
Then we rode our bikes back home...
and enjoyed the fun statues that are found along the trail.
We crossed the bridge and dad had to stop to make sure I was coming.
I was lagging behind taking a few extra pictures of the gorgeous mountains.
On Saturday morning, we drove up to Logan to see Brooke race.
Here she is, wearing her new BYU uniform.  So cute!!
Brooke and her sweet sisters and biggest fans, Ashley and Allie.
They adore her, can't you tell?!
Mom and Dad with their little Brooke.
Cousin Madi came to watch the race, so we had to get a cousins picture, right?!
Dad and his little bear.
Ash had to get a picture with the bear too.
I know that technically she is a cougar, but to we still call her little bear.
 On Sunday, we had Mark's parents up for dinner along with our good friend, Clay Wilkes
 and Ashley's adorable roommate from spring term, Kate Hansen.
It's always so fun have the kids and their friends come up to visit us in Park City.
I had to take a picture (actually it's an "Instagram") of Kate and Ashley
 demonstrating how to perform the infamous lunge, not to confused with the luge, 
which Kate is also a pro at (seriously, she is the real deal and heading to Europe to train in a few weeks.)
This picture is for Karen, Clay's mom and my former walking partner, who is in Rwanda serving a mission.
I wanted her to know that Clay is taking good care of me while she is away:)!!
BTW, Clay is single and I'm sure he would be willing to be set up.
 If you know someone that is cute, fun, smart and clever,
 and most importantly, is a really good skier,
 forward her resume to Mark and he will let you know when the ski tryouts will be scheduled!
On Monday, Brooke brought a group of friends up our place and we made lunch for them.
After lunch, they headed out the front door and hiked up to the top to Red Pine lodge and took the gondola back down.
Here they are right outside of Red Pine lodge.
After the hike, we all headed back to Provo, 
had dinner with Allie, Justin, Ashley and Brooke, and then headed for the airport.
Thanks kids, for the fun weekend!

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Kirstin said...

Beautiful bike ride! Glad you have figured out how to make empty nesting bearable, I am taking notes. Ashley's roommate, Kate Hansen, looks so familiar. Where is she from? Maybe she looks like everyone? or maybe she was a friend of Michael's also, did she live at Helaman?