Monday, July 5, 2010

Stadium of Fire with Carrie Underwood

Getting excited for Carrie Underwood and sporting some cool shades!

I think Justin borrowed his shades from Ashley.
Only Justin could pull those off!

A couple of Carrie Underwood fans,
who are SO glad that Bo Bice didn't win American Idol!
Sorry Brad Wilkes...but Carrie rocks!

Allie and Justin, most patriot couple!

Ash and Mom can't wait for Carrie!

The evening begun with Carrie Underwood singing the National Anthem.
It was absolutely amazing and brought Ashley to tears...really!
During the program, they held the largest Eagle Court of Honor ever,
which involved over 100 boy scouts advancing to the rank of Eagle.
In order to form the "Eagles Nest", a tradition at every Eagle Court of Honor,
they had all the Eagle Scouts in the stadium stand and hold up this sign
Here is Dad, who was one of the many Eagle Scouts,
who stood up that night. It was very impressive!

Carrie singing, "Lessons Learned." Awesome.

Brooke, enjoying the fireworks show!

The group shot after the show.
We are missing Kimber & Brett, and Ty & Sonya!

Allie, sporting one of her many patriotic outfits, and Justin.
Allie had so many patriotic outfits
that she had to change 3 times on Sunday so that she could wear them all!
She will be a wee bit embarrassed that I told you all, but it's the truth.
I'm just saying....
The Holt's girls at the end of the least that is what I thought...
oh wait, what about the "family friendly" dance out in front of the stadium?

Dad and Justin showing the girls a few of their moves!

Taking a little break from dancing to pose for a picture!
Allie~"Oh Hey!"

Getting their 4th of July groove on!

Not sure what Allie is doing here...

Apparently, Justin has no idea either!

Dad and the kids at the dance party!
Nothing better than partying in Provo!

Mom strikes a pose with the kids too, just before Dad and Mom call it a night!

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