Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Fun on Folsom Lake

Brooke is all smiles! But do you blame her?
It's a gorgeous night out on the lake, enjoying sandwiches from BeachHut,
tubing and wakeboarding with good friends...
it just doesn't get much better than that!

Brooke and Kevin, the unsuspecting "victims" of dad's boatdriving!

Just chatting and having a good time until...

Dad decides to take them for a ride.

Brooke's a bit scared!

Getting a little air.

Kevin struggling to hold on.

That's when Brooke's calf landed on Kevin.

Yeah. Brooke definitely hit Kevin in the head.

And he looks like such a nice boat driver.

Brooke starts to fall off the tube.

Kevin is so nice and reaches out and gives her a hand...

and pulls her back on the tube.

Kevin is still holding on...

Notice the hands.

And still...

Kevin refuses to ever let go.

Allison wants to get in on the fun.

Hold on, Allison!


No this is silly...
Brooke's swimsuit has a skirt and she can still wakeboard. NBD.

Silly again!

So much for being Mr. Nice Guy!

Since he couldn't push Brooke off the tube...

he decided to pull her off...

of course, he had to go first!

There they go...overboard!

Allison is not even sure what happened!

The kids at the end of the night,
ready to head to AM/PM for their well deserved treat!

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Kimber said...

My favorite is Kevin pulling Brooke off the tube! AWESOME! Looks like such a great time! And dad's face in the "nice" guy pic is great! He can trick anyone with that!