Sunday, August 8, 2010

Caitlin's Baptism Day

Brooke and Caitlin, good friends and great runners!

We had the wonderful opportunity to participate in Caitlin Clark's baptism this weekend!
About 4 weeks ago, Caitlin, one of Brooke's running friends,
asked if she could go to church with us.
In high school, Jeff Howell and Tommy Barrett's were two of Caitlin's best friends.
They went their separate ways when they went off to college but still remained close.
She attended their missionary farewells, wrote to the boys when they were on their missions,
attended their missionary homecomings, and "was so impressed with their conviction"
that she finally decided it was time to learn more about the gospel.
For the past 4 weeks, we have had the sweet experience
of having the missionaries teach Caitlin in our home
and have truly felt the spirit so strong,
as we have watched her testimony grow in the gospel.
She was baptized last Saturday and it was a wonderful day
and a fun filled weekend with so many who love her came to share this special day with her.
Scott and Linda Howell flew into town.
And a car load of kids, which included Jeff Howell, Tommy Barrett, Chad West, Allie & Justin,
and Adam drove from Utah to celebrate with her and join in the festivities.
It was a wonderful weekend,
watching someone enjoy the blessings of the gospel with so many dear friends!

All the kids gathering after Caitlin's baptism.
Brooke, Allie, Justin, Chad, Caitlin, Jeff, Tommy, Jessie and Adam. What a crew!
If you ever want to have a fun time, invite this group of kids over for the weekend. Trust are bound to have a lot of fun and a lot of laughs!

Posing for a picture with our dear friends, Mike & Jan Barrett,
Scott & Linda Howell with Caitlin and her parents, Ron & Lorraine Clark.
Mike Barrett spoke about Baptism and Scott baptized Caitlin.
I gave the talk on the Holy Ghost and Dad did the confirmation on Sunday.
It was a team effort and we were all honored that Caitlin would ask us to participate on the program.

We got a group picture (minus Scott & Linda, who had to fly home earlier that morning),
after Caitlin's confirmation on Sunday afternoon.

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