Wednesday, August 11, 2010

1st Day of School Picture

Brooke, on the 1st Day of School.

This was the LAST of the 1st day of school pictures that I will ever take.
It's sad to think that this stage of my life is coming to a close, with Brooke being a Senior this year.
Yes! I said SENIOR! How is that possible?!
Gone are the days of the "Back to School" clothes shopping excusions,
and going to school the night before school starts, to see the list and find out who your child's teacher is going to be,
and taking the 1st day of school pictures in front of the house and by the school marquee,
and filling out all the emergency forms and permissions slips that come home the 1st day of school,
and running into all the moms in Granite Bay doing the school supply shopping with their kids at Staples.
Kind of sad...because I love all that goes along with getting the kids back to school,
all the craziness of new schedules, new teachers, new friends, new schools, and new extracurricular activities. Starting fresh and new.
(OK! I'm not going to lie...I am not going to miss sitting through 5 different Back to School night teacher presentations!
Especially when it is the 2nd or 3rd time that you one of your kids have had the same teacher!)
So I'm trying to be brave and embrace the "next stage of life" gracefully.
I remember "older" mothers telling me, "Enjoy it now! It flies by in a blink of an eye!"
I would hear it all the time when I was a young mother and I remember being annoyed and thinking,
"Are you kidding me?! I've got 5 little kids! And I feel totally overwhelmed and outta control!
I'm never going to have my life back! They are never going to grow up!"
As each year rolled on, those words of wisdom would run through my mind.
I stopped being so annoyed and started listening.
My attitude changed and I began to enjoy my state of being,
which was pretty much, always feeling a little overwhelmed and mostly outta control, but happy!
Now I find myself telling every young mother that I see, "Enjoy it while you can! It flies by in a blink of an eye."
And now I understand why those "older" mothers would share those words of wisdom with me.
Not to annoy or mock me, but rather, because they knew a little bit more than I did.
They had a little bit different perspective. One that I now, truly understand and appreciate!
So I'm trying to be brave and embrace the "next stage of life" as it quickly approaches, gracefully.
And in the mean time, soak up every moment this final Senior year with this little cutie!


Kimber said...

I love Brooke's curly hair! So exciting! I can't believe it either!!

Jenna said...

I need Brooke's wardrobe. Senior...really?? That happened fast!!