Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Senior Sunrise

This is one of the many reasons why I love Brooke...
I mean, who else could take a pair of overall shorts from DI,
spray paint borrowed from the SG room, a handful of yellow buttons
and some bedazzle jewels, turn it into this lovely creation,
wear them along with her Senior shirt, black tights and hot pink Converse tennies,
be the hit at Senior Sunrise, also voted "most photographed behind of the day!"
Only Brooke could pull it off and still look cute!

This is how Brie, Brooke and Brittany posed for the 2011 picture
that will appear in the yearbook.
Brooke said that the blood started rushing to her head giving her a headache
but it was totally worth it!

Brie and Alex are kind of excited about Brooke's behind!

This picture of Brooke with her friends with Givens on the mike is classic.
Bring back any memories?! Don't you miss it, Allie?

Brooke and her friend, Katie, waiting for the sun to rise.

Brooke said that "it was the day that I had more photos of my butt than my face." Please Brooke, don't ever grow up!!!

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Kimber said...

So so so so so so cute!!! Only Brookers could pull that off!