Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dr. Holt's Skate Party

Since Ashley was home this past weekend, she was lucky enough
to attend Brooke's Birthday party and Dr. Holt's Annual Ice Skating Party!
It's always a favorite way to end the summer at the Holt household!
And always a very popular activity with all of Dad's patients!
Like Allie once said, "There's nothing more entertaining than seeing a bunch of tweeners,
skating around in circles, smiling with a mouth full of metal,
waving frantically and yelling, "Hi Dr. Holt! I'm wearing my rubberbands! Wanna see?!"
After 2 hours of skating around in circles, doing the Hokie-pokie on the ice,
and playing red light green light wearing skates,
you know it's official time to send the kiddos back to school!

Dr. Holt and Dr. Annello ready to hit the ice.

Dr. Holt making his way onto the ice,
ready to make his obligatory few laps around the rink.

Ashley and Dad casually posing for an action shot.

Too cute!

Brooke makes her way around the rink with her friends!

I had to take quite a few photos to get a good one of Ash and Dad
because every single time they made their way around the rink
and just as I was going to snap the picture,
one of the kids would step in front of the camera and ruin the photo.
One time a kid hit the ice right in front of them.
It made for great facial expressions from Dad and Ash
but not quite what I was looking for.

Brooke and her cute friends.

Ash, standing in front of the rink and the end of the night.
I'm not quite sure what she is doing or why she wanted me to take this photo,

but she asked for a photo and stood in front of this sign.
You know me, I never turn away the opportunity to take a photo of one of my kids,
so I took the photo and she made this funny face,
and I think it's so Ashley and kinda cute!

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