Saturday, August 28, 2010

Friday Night Football

It was a perfect night for football on Friday.
The air was crisp and cool. It even felt a bit chilly by the end of the night.
A nice change from the 106 degree weather that we experienced earlier in the week.
The stadium was filled with enthusiastic students, donning their "white" apparel
(thanks to Brooke, the athletic commissioner, who was busy promoting a "white out" all week!)
Some of the Senior boys chose to dressed up as indians.
We aren't quite sure why they chose indians, but it was cute and spirited, so it worked!
All 80 cheerleaders, which included the freshman, JV & Varsity squads, performed at halftime and were beyond spectacular!
Truly amazing with the sheer number of girls out on the field, tumbling in every direction,
hitting crazy hard stunts, with everyone dancing in unison. It's good to have Bri back!
And the football team showed us why "It's be...a Granite Bay Grizzly!"
(I miss that's still one of my all time favorites!)
by rolling over Reid, 48-24. It's going to be a great season!
Brooke and her friends, cheering in the student section, wearing their white gear!
The spirited indians.

The cheerleaders doing one of their many stunts during halftime.
Notice dad's sign at the bottom of the picture?!
He's still a proud Grizzly football supporter!

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