Monday, August 30, 2010

A San Francisco Treat!

It was a real treat to take these two cute girls vintage shopping
at Haight/Ashbury in the city on Saturday!

Looking for a little peace & love...but we skipped the ice cream...

and enjoyed some delicious pizza at All You Knead diner.

Then stolled down the street and paused at every vintage thrift shop,
like this one, looking for anything that was authentic and positively unique.

We enjoyed all the murals and signs...

Especially the signs that had multiple peace signs on them.
Once our feet starting aching along with our pocketbooks,
we drove through Golden Gate park,
and stopped to smell the roses.

And laughed at this sign that was at the entrance of the garden.
At first glance, it would appear that NO humans were allowed in the park
especially if they were doing basically ANY kind of activity!

Once the girls reviewed the rules, they jumped for joy...
because they were so happy that jumping was allowed!

That Brooke has so much fashion sense and style.
It was no surprise that her outfit coordinated with the flowers in the garden.

And one of my favorite landmarks is the Windmill,
which is located at the west entrance to Golden Gate park.

The flowers were so incredibly gorgeous...

that the made Mom and Brooke smile and pause for a picture!

We introduced the girls to the cold and windy Ocean beach in San Francisco,
and watched the fog roll in.

They saw, heard, and smelled the seals at Pier 39.

And found a surfin' boyfriend...the best kind;)!

And finished the day enjoying dinner at Fisherman's Wharf.

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Jenna said...

cute outfit Brooke. I want your belt! Where did you find it? You are quite the fashionista. Every time I see a pic of you I say, "I want her outfit!" :)