Thursday, August 19, 2010

Birthday donuts from Bill's & Cinderella celebrations!

Brooke's birthday celebration began with the Holt family tradition
of blowing out the candles that are on top of a plate of Bill's donuts.
It was the smallest plate of donuts since the beginning of this family favorite tradition.
Two chocolate donuts for Dad and Brooke's favorites, 1/2 dozen donut holes.
It was also probably the last time that I have to wake up early
and do the donut run to Bill's for someones birthday:(!
Sorry, I'm going to try and not keep bringing up every "last time" event that takes place this next year,
but this tradition was kind of a biggie with our family.
Being woken up in the morning of your birthday, by the whole family coming into you room, carrying a plate of assorted donuts from Bill's,
greeting you with a sorry rendition of "Happy Birthday!"
(Ashley is the only only one that can sing in our family!)
was something that the kids always looked forward to,
even if it meant that you had to lay quietly in your bed,
pretending to be asleep, of course, and for much longer than you wanted to that morning.
It was always well worth the wait!
Brooke and her birthday plate of donuts.

...and a Holt birthday tradition since 1991!
Since Mary Ann and the little girls were in town, we decided to have a Pretty Princess Party! Megan and Molly were thrilled and so was Brooke!

Brooke, with the birthday cake that my friend, Marisa made for her.

Brooke and the little girls are ready to blow out the candles.

Another Holt tradition...half the candles are "magic" candles that light up again over and over.
Even though everyone knows that they are "magic" candles,
they get such a kick out of it when they light up after you blow them out.
Megan and Molly were no exception.
As soon as they saw the cake with the candles, they squeeled, "Oh, they are magic candles!"
Then waited with great anticipation, after they all helped Brooke blow out the candles the first time.
Then squeeled with joy when they lit up again and frantically blew them out again.
This happened over and over,
with Megan blowing harder and harder each time they lit up again.
Until Dad came in to help extinquish the candles.
Brooke, the birthday girl, modeling her birthday crown and one of her favorite gifts, a brand new necklace.

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Kirstin said...

What a beautiful birthday girl and fun traditions! I had a ton of last time ever events last year but for elementary school, now on to the rest...