Sunday, August 22, 2010

Decades Dance

Decades dance was a huge success last weekend!
The Seniors dressed up in costumes from 80's, which meant lots of neon and lots of spandex.
We had all the girls over before the dance to "get ready."
Some of the boys came over and joined the girls for the usual pictures in the backyard before the dance.
Then they headed off to Chipotle to meet up with more friends for dinner before the dance.

The whole gang together.

And the ever popular "jumping" photo!

We tried taking this action photo about 8 times.
Each time Brooke (second from the right) was barely off the ground...
I'm not sure if her timing was off...or that the girl can run, but she just can't jump!

Don't worry, Brooke...jumping is overrated! And you looked adorable so that's all that matters:)!

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