Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Thanksgiving in NYC & Philly

As soon as we heard that Brooke's holiday windows that she designed at Cwonder
 during her summer internship were going to be displayed at Thanksgiving time, 
we knew that we had to celebrate in NYC with the whole family!
Seeing Brooke's window designs come to life was really exciting!
We were all just a little bit proud of our little Bear!
This was taken in front of the windows at the flagship store in SoHo!
We stood in front of the windows and "oohed" and "ahhhed"
and then the next thing you know, Brooke climbed in the window,
(after getting permission from the store manager) 
and posed with the mannequins for a few photos!
We were all a bit giddy that day and couldn't wipe the smiles off our faces!
Brooke had personalized this shelf display when she created it last summer,
 placing a pillow with a "B" in the center with a ski behind it and 
a flying pig right next to the pillow.  Gotta love that girl!
These are the pink sparkly deer that Brooke designed.
We loved that she integrated things that we love like skiing 
and the cute deers, which made it really fun for us!
Brooke with her biggest fan and cutest cheerleader!
What other dad would be so excited you designed a pink disco deer?!
The family enjoying a Thanksgiving brunch at Landmarc restaurant.
Our little turkey, walking around on Thanksgiving morning!
She is one happy little turkey, born on Thanksgiving day!
Such a happy little turkey!
Cheri and me, watching the parade from the windows at the Landmarc restaurant.
Looking out the windows, watching the Macy's Day parade as the floats go by Columbus Circle.
Back in her little turkey costume, ready to eat some turkey dinner at Ruth's Chris steakhouse that afternoon.
This little turkey got passed around and was so happy when Grandpa gave her his phone.
Boy!  We sure do love this turkey and so happy that she was born on Thanksgiving day one year ago!
After eating a yummy Thanksgiving dinner, we strolled around Rockefeller square to see all the lights.
Then we walked across the street to see the windows at Saks Fifth Avenue.
The giant red ornaments in front of the Exxon building across from the Radio City Music Hall
has always been some of my favorite Christmas decorations!

So one by one, we all started feeling sick with what we think was food poisoning.
I don't want to point fingers because we aren't completely sure which restaurant was responsible
but all I can say is that we all got sick at different times and it affected us in different ways...
it really was kind of comical and I'm glad that we could laugh about it
because we were scheduled to take the train ride down to Philly the next day.
It was touch and go at times but we made it to Philly, checked into our hotel and crashed.
We tried to stick to our itinerary and would send out a group text to tell everyone who was healthy
 to meet in the hotel lobby to head out to do whatever activity that was on the schedule.
We never knew who was going to make it or how many of us would be able to participate,
but we tried to make the most of it and have a good time. 
First stop was the Reading terminal for a Philly Cheesesteak.
Brooke and Dad was just a little excited to try their cheesesteak.
Dad bought a piece of chocolate cake at one of the Amish bakeries.
Then on to the Constitution Center, where we meet with some of the "Founding Fathers."
The girls standing in the room where the constitution was signed.
The group that felt well enough that day to go on the Independence Hall tour.
Wearing our Red, White and Blue coats and trying to be as patriotic as possible!
That night Justin gave us a tour of the UPenn medical school, where he is a 1st year med student.
The view from the top floor of one of the buildings was gorgeous!
This is the group that was healthy enough to leave their hotel room that evening.
So glad that we felt good enough to dine at Shake Shack that evening.
It was a perfect way to end an unusual but fun family Thanksgiving vacation.
We all survived and actually had one of best times together as a family
because we all had to adjust our schedule, be patient and rally around each other
to help make what could have been a disastrous family trip turn into one that was memorable!
I was reminded how grateful we are for kids that really don't care what we are doing or what the circumstances are,
they really just want to be together.  And grateful that they are able to laugh 
about the unfortunate situation and find humor, even when they are feeling super sick.
Just looking at these photos and thinking about it all, kind of makes me giggle. 

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