Monday, September 22, 2014

Cheri's 1st Birthday!

We celebrated Cheri's 1st year birthday while we were in NYC.
Kimber and the girls made this cute cake with cherries (of course) on top!
Cheri wasn't too sure what to think about being the center of attention
and really wasn't sure what to do about the cake!
At first, she dug right in, but she didn't like to get her hands dirty 
so she quickly retreated and wanted her hands wiped down.
But once she tasted the whip cream and took a bite of the cone,
she went for it and made a big mess, which we all enjoyed watching!
We are so glad that we got to join in on the celebration with this cute family!
Cheri and her usual open mouthed grin!  So cute!
Cheri is just a little excited when she looks up and sees the cake for the first time!
I love the look on her face as she stares at the lit candle on her cake!
Oh yeah!  This tastes good!
Oops!  I stepped on the cone!
What the cake looked like after Cheri was done!
Cheri is just a little bit happy about turning 1!
Time to open her presents!
She got a trike, just like the one her mom got when she turned 1!
Cheri like anything that makes noise!
And she loves books, as you can see!  It was a fun celebration!
We took Cheri to Central Park one day and to shoot her "1 year old photos!"
It was a gorgeous afternoon and we had fun strolling through the park!
She was just barely standing at that time 
so we were happy to capture her standing and clapping, and looking so cute!
Love this one of that sweet Cheri!
She loves her Aunt Allie!
That grin just gets me everytime!
Happy Birthday, sweet Cheri Ann!  We love you to the moon and back!
Thanks for letting us celebrate your special day with you!

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