Saturday, May 29, 2010

Our College Coed finally graduates from High School!

Even though Ashley technically graduated in December
and has been attending BYU this past winter semester,
she has been home this past month, just in time to enjoy all the "Senior" actvities,
which included Senior Ball, Senior ditch day, Day at the Bay, the Senior prank, and graduation!
Dad kept teasing that he wasn't going to go to graduation unless she was on the program.
So Ashley and her friend, Craig wrote a song
and were chosen to perform it at graduation.
It was clever and cute,
and I know I'm a little bias, but I think it was the best entertainment of the day!

"Team Crash" performing their original song, "Just the Beginning."

Ashley receiving her diploma and a handshake from "Grandpa Pinney!"

Over 20 beachballs were tossed in the air during the ceremony.
I think it was a record number.
Even a couple of the beachballs that dad hands out at the office went flying in the air!
Notice the neon green ball at the top that says!
It made dad kinda proud!
Yay! Free advertisement!

Dad with one of his green beachballs!

The family with Ashley!

Brooke and Tyler with Ashley, the most recent Holt graduate.

Proud Mom and Dad!

Ashley with Mr. Del'Orto, one of her favorite teachers,
who delivered the Faculty Address at the graduation ceremony.
Ashley with her dear friends, Billy Marsden, the salutatorian,
Spencer Kimes, and Matt Zabrowski.

Ashley and Dani Nations. She loves her...a lot!

Ashley and Spencer. We all love him...a lot!

Craig and Ash or as they affectionately call themselves, "Team Crash!"
They make quite a pair!

Ashley and Matt Zabrowski.

Taylor and Ashley.

Ashley and Joseph, they have been friends since they were babies!

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Kimber said...

Congrats girl!! Wish I could have heard you sing! Love you!!!