Sunday, May 2, 2010

Senior Ball

Brooke and Ashley went to Senior Ball last night,
held downtown at the Hyatt.
Brooke came straight from a track meet,
showered and got ready at the 24 Fitness downtown
in a record time of 20 minutes,
and met her date at the Hyatt.
Since I was already there and I had my camera,
I snuck in and took a few pictures of Brooke and her date.
Then we ran into Ashley and I snapped a few "sisters" pictures.
Probably the last high school dance that two Holt's will be attending together least, that is the plan!

Brooke borrowed her cousin, Stephanie's dress and it turned out gorgeous!
Thanks, Steph!
I loved Ashley's dress too.
We lucked out and found it at Macy's.
Yay for modest dresses!!

Brooke and Mitchell hanging out in the middle of the street.

Mitchell and Brooke

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