Saturday, May 22, 2010

Second at Sections

Brooke ran a gutsy race last night at Sections.
She took the lead after the 3rd lap, coughing and wiping the snot from her nose
(sorry...that was probably too much information, but true.)
She has been fighting a terrible cough and cold
but was determine to run and win sections.
She ran an incredible race with a time of 10:59.
A great time considering she was so sick.
She is looking forward to Masters next week when she is hopefully heathly
and when she can crush the girl who beat her by .5 seconds.

Go Bear!

Justin came to cheer Brooke on.
Still adjusting to the climate change from Brazil,
poor Justin wrapped two blankets around himself,
trying to keep warm.
Brooke with Coach Sturgeon.

Brooke with her fans, Jack, Ashley and Justin, who was still trying to keep warm.

After the race we posed for another family track picture
then headed to Cheesecake to celebrate.
BTW, did I mention that it was cold?! That's right...I'm wearing my winter coat!

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Kimber said...

Congrats Brookie!!! You're amazing!!!!!!!