Sunday, May 23, 2010

Meet the MCs at the Quarry Ponds Fundraiser

Ashley and her friend, Craig were asked to MC a GBHS fundraiser at Quarry Ponds last night.
Dad, Brooke and I went over to watch and enjoyed dinner at Toast!
Craig and Ashley did a great job MCing,
especially since they were given little or no instructions or direction from the lady in charge.
In fact, she took off before the event was over
so Ashley and Craig were left to wrap up the show.
Those two together are a dynamic duo!

"Team Crash" back together!

Who would have guessed that after MCing the GBHS pep rallies
a couple of times...that they would go pro?!!

With student government the opportunities are endless!

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Kimber said...

Love your dress Ash!!! So so beautiful!