Thursday, November 12, 2009

GBHS Homecoming 2009

Ashley was excited to be in the Homecoming Royalty court this year
with many of her dearest friends from high school.

Her dad was honored and excited to be her escort during the half-time festivities
but a bit nervous that he might trip going up the stairs to the stage,...fortunately he managed them quite well and didn't make a scene. Good job Dad!

Ashley looked beautiful in her gorgeous red dress
and fabulous red shoes!

Dad wanted to make sure that his suit complimented her outfit
so I had to go out and buy a new tie to match the dress!

They both looked smashing
and made a darling looking couple!

It was a fun night for us all!
Homecoming 2009

Ashley coming around the track in the convertible.

Dad helping Ash out of the car.

Dad whispering to Ashley, "You are a princess!
You will always be my little princess!"
Something that he has said to all of his girls
as far back as they can remember.

Father and daughter, walking arm in arm,
across the stage together! Cute!

Dad telling Ashley again, "Remember you are a princess
and you will always be my little princess forever!"
Then he gave her a kiss
and as usual, a few tears were shed by dad
...a tradition that he has continued
everytime he shares a sweet or
sentimental moment with his kids.
Gosh! I love that about that guy!

Ashley standing with her good friend, Mason James.

Dad and Ashley after half-time, posing on the track.

Ashley and Brooke together!

Ashley and her proud parents!

So glad that Kimber could come out
and enjoy the Homecoming festivities and take pictures!!

Ashley and Craig, better known as "Team Crash!"

Ashley and her dearest friend,
Spencer Kimes, who won Homecoming King!

Earlier that day at the rally:
Ashley and Brooke just before the rally!

Ashley with her rally escort and favorite teacher, Mr. Pagel.

The infamous Team Crash looking so fine!

Spence and Ash

Ashley and Mason

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Kari said...

Hi Holts!!

Ashley looks ABSOLUTELY gorgeous! What a fun and special time for her. She's so lucky that Mark got to escort her too... they didn't do that back in my day at the 'Bay and I would have loved it!!

I know Kimber is invited to my blog... are you guys? Email me if you want to be exclusively invited! :)

Hope you guys are doing great!! I love checking out what's happening with your family!!

Kari (Scott)