Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Celebrating Ashley's 18th Birthday at Apple Hill!

To celebrate Ashley's 18th birthday this year, she and her friend,
Matt drove up to Apple Hill to spend the day, since they didn't have school.
Ashley has a very cool birthday 11/11/91, Veteran's Day
and has never had to go to school on her birthday!
Brooke, Bree and Mom decided to head up to Apple Hill
and surprise her with birthday cupcakes and candles,
a birthday sign, party hats, and balloons.
We headed up to our favorite spots, High Hill,
and spread out the tablecloth, blew up balloons,
rolled out the cupcakes, threw confetti everywhere and
waited for Ashley and Matt to arrive.
Yes! She was surprised
and thought it was hysterically funny
to see Brooke and Bree holding up the birthday sign for her!
It's nice to know that Ashley and Brooke will forever be "the little girls",
Even when you are 18 years old!

Brooke and Bree, waiting for Ashley to arrive!
Standing with the sign and balloons wasn't enough...
they had to get on a bench to get Ashley's attention!

Ashley and Matt laughing at Brooke and Bree,
standing on the bench holding the sign!

Happy Birthday, Ashley!

Ashley blowing out her candles!
Actually, we couldn't get the candles to stay lit
because the wind was blowing them out
but she was gracious enough to pose
for the all important "blowing out the candles" picture!
Thanks Ashley! You are a good sport!
Ash and Matt. Cute.

Brooke, our 16 year old, that loves to party like a kid!
I think she wore that hat the rest of the day! JK!
Actually, I think she gave the party hat to the little kid
that was crying because he wanted a hat and balloon
but his mom told him that "he wasn't invited to our birthday party."

Matt and Ashley at High Hill, one of our favorite stops at Apple Hill.

Matt really got into the party blowers!
I think that is when the little boy started crying and
told his mom that he wanted to go to our party.
Matt made it look so fun!
Mom and Ashley at High Hill, right by the fishing pond!
We love that place.
So many good memories...
like the time that Dad was helping Tyler,
who was only about 4 years old,
catch a fish in the net, they got a little too close
and Tyler fell into the fishing pond!
Brooke and Bree, standing in an apple orchard.

Matt, jumping in a cornfield.

Ash and Matt, in front of the old mill.

Brooke and Bree, looking cute!


After eating their last donuts...feeling a little sick!