Sunday, March 29, 2009

Arizona, Allie and Adorable Grandma & Grandpa Olson!

Allie and I had a fun weekend in Arizona visiting with Grandma and Grandpa Olson. The weather was great, we ate lots of Mexican food (Allie claims that Arizona has the best refried beans ever!), and visited with all the cousins! On Saturday we went to the big Olson family reunion in Mesa. It was fun to reconnect with many of my cousins, aunts and uncles!Since my name is Debra Joyce and Allie's is Allison Joyce, we decided that we need to take a picture with Grandma Joyce Olson! Grandma wasn't too sure about having her picture taken but we think she is very photogenic! She was making Allie and me laugh with her darling comments throughout the photoshot! So adorable!
(These are pictures taken of the proofs so they are a little blurry!)

Grandma adorable!

Steve Nissle (the photographer who did Brett and Kimber's wedding) did a great job! Thanks Steve!

Grandma and Grandpa won "The couple who has been married the longest" award at the reunion!

Allie and me at the reunion! We didn't even plan it, but we match!
Me and my cousin, Vicki, who is my same age. We spent many nights slumberpartying together when we were little!


Kimber said...

Lalalalalove those pics!! Grandma is so cute! Nice job on coordinating too! Darling!

Carrie said...

So great that you guys got to go!
My goal in life is to win the "married the longest" award! They are super cute too...I remember once when they were visiting and sitting in Gospel Doctrine, your dad was stroking your mom's hand. So sweet:) I LOVE CUTE OLD PEOPLE!