Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Break Powder Day!

It snowed like crazy all week long in Park City! We skied with Kramer on Saturday and found ourselves in powder up to our knees! It was awesome! Tons of fresh powder at The Pines, The Aspens, and 9990 was incredible! We took the run to the right of the chair on 9990. I'm proud to say that I skied the double black diamond run in huge powder and didn't panic nor did I complain. It wasn't too difficult and with the fresh powder it was pretty amazing, so I was relived that I made it down safely and happy that I didn't hold back the extreme skiers in our family!

We skied two days later and it was beautiful spring ski day! Lots of sunshine! The snow was great in the morning and we quit by 12:30 and that included lunch! You know me...skiing always includes lunch at the lodge! We put our skis away for the year and it is a sad day!

Brooke skiing through the aspens!

Knee deep in powder!

Kramer and Brooke taking a break on Boogey Man!!

Kramer and Brooke after their break decided to pose for a cousin ski picture!

Powder run at The Aspens! It was awesome!

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Kimber said...

That's crazy how much powder you had that late in the season! Wow! At first glance, I thought I was looking at the Christmas skiing pics!