Monday, April 13, 2009

Sledding with the Itinose Family!

Tyler's mission president, Elder Itinose and his family were in Utah visiting from Brazil for the past 3 weeks, attending conference and spending time with Mariana and Melina, their daughters that are attending BYU. Since Elder Itinose is now a regional authority, he and Sister Itinose will be coming every April. Paulo and Annalisa got to join their parents this year and as soon as they arrived, it started snowing! They stayed at our place before they went to Salt Lake for conference and it snowed almost everyday while they were in Park City! It was the first time that they had seen snow!

The Itinoses had seen pictures of Melina when we took her sledding and they thought it looked fun! So on Tuesday afternoon they came back over to our place and we took them sledding up the hill at The Canyons. They loved it! Even cute Sister Itinose took a turn sledding. She is so adorable! She really got into the snowball fight with Tyler, Mariana, Paulo and Brooke! She has so much personality! Elder Itinose got busy making a snowman while they were having the snowball fight! Dad went and got stuff for the face of the snowman and they had the hat! It was a beautiful afternoon and so we played in the snow until the sun started going down and it quickly got cold!

Dad and Ashley got take-out from Ghidotti's (one of our favorites) and we enjoyed a yummy dinner with them followed by delicious ice cream cake from Cold Stone. After dinner, Paulo and Annalisa wanted to play Wii with Tyler, Ashley and Brooke. So we all wanted to watch the kids and joined them downstairs. After a few games, Elder and Sister Itinose were right in the middle of everything, playing tennis and bowling but their favorite was the WiiSki, which is so funny to watch! Elder and Sister are both so cute to watch, they are both competitive! The WiiSki is fun to play but it is a lot more fun to watch! We laughed so hard all night! They are the cutest family and we adore them! We had such a fun time with the Itinose family and we're so glad that we will be able to see them every April at conference time! They are such an amazing family!
Tyler with "President"!

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Kimber said...

Looks like fun! I love your snowman!! Nice job!