Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Move Over Kimber...Dr. Holt makes his TV Debut

Dad was asked to do a segment on TV this morning about braces, specifically talking about Invisilign. Dad was excited because he loves to talk about braces and he is an expert when it comes to Invisilign (he is an Elite Premier Provider.) He was a little concerned about being in front of the camera, so he asked our own TV reporter, Kimber Crandall from News12 CT, for some tips. She gave him advice as to what to wear, told him to speak slowly and clearly, and most important, to look into the camera! Of course, I'm a little bias but I think he did a great job! Dad admitted that he was a little nervous "since it was live and all... you have to think quick on your feet!" He gained an appreciation for Kimber and her amazing broadcasting skills. "It's harder than you think!" Dad decided he had better keep his day job and stick to doing what he does best...Braces!! Below is the link to the interview:

Oh yeah...you have to put the music on pause first so you can hear the interview.


The Olson Family said...

Great job, Mark! We might actually need to set up a "consultation" so that Michelle can get invisalign. She has been wanting to do it for years. Either way, we should get together and hang out some time soon; we are so close to Sacramento now! Glad to hear you had a good time with the Andersons they are a great family!

Kimber said...

Nice job Dad!! You did great!! You should be a regular!!