Thursday, April 23, 2009

Allie Update

Congratulations Allie! She was inducted into the Sigma Theta Tau Honors Society of Nursing! She is amazing! We are so proud of her and all of her accomplishments!

Allie will be leaving next week for Equador to do her "global nursing experience", part of her BYU Nursing curriculum . She will spend 6 weeks there and after that she will visit Peru and Bolivia for a few weeks with the Church Humanitarian program, giving immunizations to children in those countries. She will totally be in her element, living in a foreign country, speaking spanish, eating rice and beans, working with children and using her nursing skills! Oh yeah...if youwant to keep up with Allie and her travels, her new blog address is

Allie and her date, Trish, her roommate at the Sigma Theta Tau Honors Society Dinner!

Allie and the other Sigma Theta Tau Honors Society Nursing students!

Allie had a bunch of the BYU kids from Granite Bay 3rd ward over for dinner one Sunday evening! Here is a picture of the kids with Allie and Tyler, Blake Newbold, Alyssa Swanson, Bryan Sebesta (GB1 but that's OK), Brooke Barton. Tyler reported that she made an amazing dinner and was a wonderful hostess! What a fun GB3 reunion!

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Kimber said...

Allie!! You are ridiculous!! WOW! Nice job!!