Monday, May 4, 2009

AAO Convention in Boston

We are in Boston for the next 4 days attending the Annual Orthodontic convention with Mark's entire staff and Dr. Anello (Jina) and her husband Ken! Well actually, they are attending the convention and I'm just along for the free ride...and free food:)!Here is a picture I took of Mark and Dr. Anello, and Mark's incredible staff in the lobby of our hotel. Did I say incredible and loyal? Seriously, they are the best! One of the assistants, Anne, started working for Mark when he bought the practice from Dr. Carr, 18 years ago. A couple of others have left for various personal reasons (husband got a new job out of the area, some wanted to stay home after having a baby or some wanted to go back to school) but many have returned as soon as there was an opening! Amber, who pretty much runs the back office, was so proud to tell me the other night that she has been working 10 years at Holt Orthodontics! Wow! Time flies when your having fun! We are so fortunate to have such a great staff!

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