Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Witch Tour in Salem

After classes one night, we took the train to Salem, where the famous witchhunts took place so many years ago. We had a guide, who took us around town and gave us a tour. She told us the stories of those that were accused and convicted of being witches and hung in the late 1600s. It was a cute little town with lots of cute shops! Too bad they were closed and it was freezing that night! We will have to go back during the day when it is warmer and the stores are open!
Carrie, Catherine and Amber are ready to board the train heading for Salem!
One of the beautiful homes along the Main street in Salem.
The tourguide telling us the stories about those that were accused of being a witch.
The grave yard where the Puritans were buried. Part of the memorial that was built to honor those who died during the Salem Witch hunt. Engraved in the stone were the words that the accused spoke just before they were hung.19 benches lined the walls of the memorial, representing the 19 individuals that died. Here is Bridget Bishop's bench and the date that she was hung.

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